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Welcome to da 1 prince World Artist B.K.A Wyte Bwoi A.K.A Shawty D. On Da Beat


Gov. Name: Controlis
Artist name: Da Prince Also Known As Wyte Bwoi A.K.A Shawty Diezel
Born: 10-31-1985 in Dawson GA

​In the years to come Controlis started building his skills in rapping & now go by the name Wyte Bwoi. The name Wyte Bwoi was given to him by his older brother joking around cause Controlis like all styles of music & also had gained an accent over a summer vacation in Orlando when he was a teenager. Wyte Bwoi wanted to start rapping while out of school on summer break in Orlando Fl. Below is his timeline of achievements and changes;

• 2000 – He chose the name Shawty Diezel as his rap name; this name was a nickname given to him by some of his middle school classmates.

•2005 –During this time this was his first performance in Dawson Ga. with the group called KillahBoyz, a local group from Dawson Ga. During his time with the KillahBoyz they performed from Dawson GA, Albany Ga. Atlanta GA all the way up to New York.

 • 2006-2007 - Moved from Dawson GA to Albany GA and became a solo artist. As a solo artist, Wyte Bwoi performed at clubs & parties. He also used his knowledge in beat making and graphics as well as changing his rap name to Wyte Bwoi. The name Shawty D is only used while he is producing Beats.

 • 2008 - First solo mixtape in 2008 was called D 2 Da A Mixtape dropped.

 • 2009 - First radio airplay with the track Shawty What You Sayin on a local radio station WJIZ 96.3 Fm.

 • 2010- 2011 - Wyte Bwoi slowed down on recording his music to learn the business side of the music industries & later dropped his 2nd mixtape Wyte Bwoi vs. Shawty D best of 08 & 09. At this time, he also started up a production team by the name of Fi Em Up Production with Wyte Bwoi as President & Mactavious Rogers as the Vice president. The first Artist to come under Fi Em Up Production was Bubba Da Pitcha Of The Hood Troops & first producer Toodie Breeze.

 • 2012-current - Fi Em Up Production released their 1st mixtape (We 2 Fi 4 U) Wyte Bwoi & Bubba also linked up with artist R.S, He Smoove, ATM Visa members of the HoodTroops. Later that year Wyte Bwoi & Bubba Da Pitcha broke international status when they received an artist development deal with Indie label Hood Luv in Munich Germany. Wyte Bwoi & Bubba Da Pitcha recorded 3 single in Germany, which airs on 95.5. Charivari - Münchens Hit-Radio singles due to hit the USA after getting cleared for international usage.

• 2013 - Wyte Bwoi is dropped his 3rd solo mixtape City Boi Kuntry Boi Swag Tight Jan 25 2013. That summer Fi Em Up Production dropped it's 2nd mixtape called International Fi produced by international producer Kekko Bros Beatmaker a up & coming producer from Italy Wyte Bwoi also appeared in the Black Albany Ga. Magazine featuring Shawn Jay of Field Mob that same year Wyte Bwoi was nominated & won Best New Male Hip Hop Artist at the Southwest Ga. Radio & Music Conference.

 • 2014 - Wyte Bwoi Dropped His 4th Solo Mixtape Called Enter My Dimension with his hit single Ratchet After Dat. Later that year Wyte Bwoi was asked to join Street Sweepa on the Sweepa Nation Tour.

• 2015 - While touring on the Sweepa Nation tour Fi Em Up Production was given clearance on the singles recorded in Germany. Wyte Bwoi brought Bubba Da Pitcha in on the Sweepa Nation tour under Fi Em up Production to perform the singles on tour. Foxie 105.5 FM was the first radio Station to break Wyte Bwoi & Bubba Da Pitcha single I’m Diggin On You with a live interview. Ending off the summer of 2015 Wyte Bwoi was nominated for ATL’s Hottest Male/Hip Hop Artist of the year.

• 2016 - Wyte Bwoi won another award at the Atlanta Music Decade Awards 2016 Wyte Bwoi was Crowed 2016 Peoples Champ also in 2016 Wyte Bwoi Launched another branch to Fi Em Up Production LLC an independent networking magazine called I'm 2 Digital Magazine.

 • 2017 -Wyte Bwoi was nominated for ATL’s Hottest Hip Hop Male of The year, I’m 2 Digital Magazine nominated for ATL’s Hottest Magazine, winner of Atlanta Decade Music Awards On The Rador Award.

• 2018 -Wyte Bwoi was the winner of Atlanta Decade Music Awards Most Inspirational artist of the year.

​• In 2019 Wyte Bwoi has grown as a person and now go by the name Da 1 Prince. Also in 2019 Wyte Bwoi Da 1 Prince win Yo ATL Raps Hustler Of The Year.

• Throughout 2020 and 2021 Wyte Bwoi Da Prince continued pushing his music and networking magazine.

• 2022 -Wyte Bwoi Da Prince won Yo ATL Raps Hustler Of The Year.

• 2023 -Wyte Bwoi Da Prince is currently working to building his Team, brand, & Fan base all over the world physically & digitally.



Facebook: @Da1Prince

Facebook: @WyteBwoi

Instagram: @Da1Prince229

Twitter: Da1prince

Linkedin: Wyte Bwoi

Youtube: Wytebwoi229

Instagram: @im2digital

What's App: Wyte Bwoi

Spotify: Wyte Bwoi

iTunes: Wyte Bwoi

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